High-capacity natural gas 8 foot hose
Support up to 135,000 BTU
U.L. approved for outdoor use
1/2″ MPT quick connect brass coupler for the house
Used on 4 burner or high output grills
Hose end is 1/2″ flare

The item is rated at 1/2 PSI maximum pressure and meets ANSI Z21.41 1/CA 6.9 specifications for quick disconnect devices
We Highly Recommend That You Measure The Size Of Your Original Parts and Compare Them To What We Have Listed Before Your Order

12 foot flexible hose is ideal for cart mounted gas grills parts that require connection to a rigid, natural gas line or to an LP tank. Includes brass quick dis-connector / connector and caps for each end to keep out dust, dirt, insects, spiders, etc. Manufacturer and color may vary. Information says the hose is appx 1/8″ I.D. (but it is 1/4″ at the fittings) with 3/8″ female flare fitting at grill end. Quick connect fitting at other end. Quick connector has 3/8″ F.I.P. thread. The hose has printed on it “WP 1/2 PSI 1616603 ANSI Z21.54 (CSA 8.4)”. 4184891 is Mr. Heater #F273720, (but the part may come from another supplier.)

Many USA houses have either a 3/4″ or 1/2″ Male Iron Pipe (MIP) stub for a natural gas hookup. For safety, it is wise to have an outside shutoff valve for that.

3/4″ MIP is an inside diameter. It’s about 1 1/6″ outside diameter.
1/2″ MIP is about 3/4″ outside diameter.
Choose from the Related Items, those that will convert your gas line to 3/8″ MIP for the quick connect adapter 3/8″ FIP. If your house has a copper line, you will need compression fittings instead.

To extend your existing flexible hose to this hose, you will likely need a 3/8″x3/8″ Male Flare to Male Iron Pipe (MIP) adapter (412547 see related items) along with yellow gas pipe thread (445150). The same adapter will also allow you to connect the hose to an LP tank’s hose end of the regulator. Residential applications will generally require 11 inches water column ~= 0.397 psi. (Weber® says not less than 10 inches of water for its grills.) As long as your regulator reduces the LP tank pressure (they range from 10 to 200 psig) to no more than 0.5psi it will work fine with this hose, and someone here says he’s used one for years on his LP patio fireplace. Do not use the 10ft hose without the appropriate regulator! Improper use can cause explosive and fire hazards as well as asphyxiation!

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